Clearpoint Chemicals has a full range of products and services to accommodate your water treatment needs for hydraulic fracturing.  We offer a flexible approach to water treatment and the hydraulic fracturing chemical process that can be individually tailored to meet each well application. Whether providing solely chemistry or a comprehensive program consisting of personnel, equipment and chemicals, our dynamic approach can accommodate the individual needs of our customers.

We treat all of the water and eliminate all of the bacteria before  it goes down hole. We have the means to verify outcome before the water goes down hole. We also have the means to record the measured results and the ability to reuse 100% of all flow back and produced waters without affecting rates, pressure or well performance.

  • Effluent Chemicals

  • Descaler Chemicals

  • Pre-commission - Renovation

  • Chlorination Disinfection

  • Building Services Chemicals

  • Closed Loop Chemicals

  • Chlorine Dioxide

  • Reverse Osmosis